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Scavenger is a stand alone series of stories set in Hugh Howey's universe of Sand, a post World War III America covered in desert and the remaining wasteland of cities. A tyrant has uncovered a dangerous technology that had been developed to save America before the war. Against this backdrop is a thrilling adventure for a former divemaster who must use his sand diving skills and overcome his demons to save his wife and the country he never knew.


Nick Cole, author of The Old Man and the Wasteland and the upcoming Soda Pop Soldier just gave Scavenger: Red Sands 5 Stars:

"Ward crafts a thrilling tale of desolation, desperation and redemption after the world ends. I thoroughly enjoyed this tight little jaunt through a sandy wasteland populated by the damned and the dying and those desperate for a last shot at redemption, or hell. Ward infuses a classic down-on-his-luck scavenger tale with pathos, nobility and a faithful insight into the allurement of temporary pleasures. In short, pick this one up, it's a strong read that stands on it's own two feet."